Non-Fiction: Feminism

There are so many mixed views on feminism and I personally believe it’s because there is a lack of understanding on the subject.

For example, my fifteen year old brother, Will, decided that he disliked all feminists as they are aggressive. After some serious explaining (in retrospect I could have been far more empathetic), I altered his views slightly. I mean some improvement is better than none.

I described the three types of feminists: traditional, post-modern and radical. He began to comprehend that not all feminists are the same and that most people, male and female, are feminists whether they label themselves or not.

Personally, I am a post-modern feminist. I would like equal rights to men which includes destroying some unhelpful stereotypes but I also have no problem showing some skin for success. In other-words, I love being a woman but not treated like one.

There are plenty of people who could explain that better but if you’re in the same position as me, you’ll understand.

Another very important point I made was that men can be feminists too. I mean, they’re fighting for equality- just as most white people fight for he rights of black people.

It’s the same.

Plus, feminism isn’t just about equality for women because we’re tackling things that affect men too. Such as rape, sexual assault and domestic violence.

I wouldn’t change my views as we are stronger than ever. And I hope you can think about your own views and how they are going to affect bystanders as well as those close to you.

I am a feminist because as women we deserve equality and I don’t want my daughters to deal with the same struggle.


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