Fiction: His Final Fulfilment (0.6)

Feeling time disappear effortlessly, he fiddled for a screwdriver, a scalpel or something long and sharp. He found a hex key, hidden under an angle drill. He scraped the metal across the exposed metal until it reached her eyeballs.

In one swift movement, he stabbed it inside her socket.

Arthur pushed on the hex key, in an attempt to lever the balls out- he could see that they were becoming damaged. In a panic, he slithered his fingers across her eyes and round to their backs, within the skull. They leapt out, still attached to their nerves. He tugged them from her head with tendrils of brain still present.

He held one in each hand, plasma soaking the valleys of his palms. As the torment twisted round his bones- he spasmed, mashing one eye. The purée squirted between his knuckles. The other dropped to the floor, making a river through dust. Arthur’s body convulsed and he collapsed- knees pulled in, like a foetus. He looked steadily from the hollow skull of his former wife to the defiled eyeball.

It glared at him as he lost consciousness.

He was not the least bit frightened about falling into death’s pit of emptiness.

The only thing he felt was victory.


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