Fiction: His Final Fulfilment (0.5.)

Blood splattered. He smirked.

His fingers crept, squeezed and detached the organ. As if he had discovered treasure, his pupils widened with a sense of glory. He craved the scent of iron trapped within it. His eyes rolled back with pleasure and the hairs on his arms raised high like an attempted escape. Yet this caused him to wince from the pain in his aching skull. He could feel the weakness infuse his every movement.

Arthur laid back on the concrete beside his victim. His vision skimmed the details of her face, the way her hair fell to the frostbitten floor, the crimson smudges across her skin.

The ice was beginning to slither across her collarbone. It glistened in the growing sunlight that peaked through the garage door cracks. The corpse became iridescent.

He sat back up. He reached blindly for a hunter’s knife that was in the pile. His eyes were still locked on the hole in her chest. Arthur pierced her arm with the chill blade before peeling her skin off.

Layers of the body’s coating were shredded gradually revealing juicy muscle and tissue. The fluid leaked onto his hands. He rubbed it into his fingers leaving tinted rust coloured stains. He dug his fingernails between her arteries slow enough to hear a sound resembling fresh meat. Flakes of fat floated next to his knees.

Beads of sweat burst from his pores as the handfuls of skin became entangled with his arms.

Arthur wiped both sides of the blood-coated knife on Kylie’s cheek before carving into her forehead. He began to flense her face. He came closer to it, cutting with precision. He hoped to remove it in one piece, like a mask. His fingers grazed the blood vessels; he followed them as they circled the sockets of her eyes.

A wave of nausea gushed through him. Arthur burrowed his nails into his injury, teeth clenched and panting sharply. His sight was darkening and silver spots floated. He could feel his mind become infested by agony from his wisps of hair mangled with drying brain fluid.

Feeling time disappear effortlessly, he fiddled for a screwdriver, a scalpel or something long and sharp. He found a hex key, hidden under an angle drill. He scraped the metal across the exposed metal until it reached her eyeballs.


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