His Final Fulfilment (0.4.)

Arthur dragged the cadaver with all the strength he could embody to his workshop in the garage. The previous silence had been disrupted by a pattern of cars with engines that rumbled, vibrating the garage door. His chest pounded rapidly from lungs that wheezed from overuse. He knew he could not lift her so he left the body in the centre of the concrete floor.

His thoughts were spilling out like vomit burning in a throat. He reached out for tools in boxes, on shelves, on the wall. An experimentation of destruction would take place.

Inspecting what lays before him, Arthur stooped beside her running his fingertips over her palms. He placed them to his lips before placing her fingers in his mouth. After a few seconds, he dropped them to the floor and proceeded to search through the pile of tools he had created. He pulled from the bottom a loose sheet of sandpaper.

Scraping it over his cheek his eyes closed with a sense of satisfaction. They shot open again with an immediate dart to the head of the body. Placing the sandpaper softly on her forehead, he swept it lightly over each crack and crevice of the corpse yet he came to a halt when he got to the hands. His focus locked at the detail of her fingerprints.

He wanted to make them disappear.

However, this action was exhausting. He could not cope with the constant rubbing to remove its identity. Arthur needed something less complex and less time-consuming as he could feel his time escaping in each exhale.

Experimentation was no longer an option. His frustration coloured his face.

A large saw glittered from the headlights of a passing car. He slammed his hand on the smooth blade and raised it above the carcass catching his phlegmatic reflection. Arthur pressed the jagged edges to its stomach and cut in one slice an entrance to her entrails.

Red spurted on his skin. After hacking through her muscle, he invaded her abdomen with his decrepit arms that crept further up her insides. He twisted her intestines around his fingers like a string of pearls. Arthur pulled with full force, tearing the tubes from their seams. He stretched the gaping would between her hips until he saw her heart, caged by her ribs.



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