Poetry: Ineffective Refusal

My shortened dress and lengths of flesh,
Capturing your attention,
I fell into your lion’s den.
The obsession grew,
You wanted a taste,
A piece of me.

I transformed into a quest.
Eyes transfixed on my alcoholic intake.
Lips that laughed and lead you on,
But I did not.
My hazy memory,
I don’t recall asking for anything.

Yet I ventured out alone.
Vision blurry and dim streetlights.
Hunters emerge from shadows.
Stumbling through alleys.
I met you again.

Words fumble out my shielded mouth.
The mumble of my begging,
The faint scream,
Vibrating on fingertips enveloping my face.

Water departing scrunched eyes .                                                                                                 Like paper swarming streets,                                                                                                  They stand in solitude.

Never saved.


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